Did you know that your humble home can help improve and enhance your and your family’s wellness? Yes. You heard right. There are many ways in which we can transform our home into a cocoon of health, happiness and wellness. Simple changes, from adding some plants to changing your wall paint can improve the health of your household. Let’s look at a few tips you can follow to make your home a haven of wellness:

VOC-free Paints Low VOC or No VOC paints are the best recommended paints for homes. ‘Volatile organic compounds’ are present in most paints and let off harmful chemicals which are harmful to people as well as the environment. Inhalation of these chemicals causes irritation while breathing, headaches, nausea and other harmful effects. Hence, as much as possible choose paints which have no VOCs or a low volume of it. In addition to being safer these paints also dry quickly, provide a durable finish and are easy to find in a great variety of colours.

Go Green Literally, add more greenery to your home. If you already have potted plants on your windows or the balcony, add some fuss-free ones in various rooms of the home. These can include succulents, terrariums or simple plants such as the coffee plant, string of pearls, anthurium, yucca cane plant and more. These can be placed on the dining table, side tables, hung from the ceiling and even placed on the floor. Besides adding aesthetic value to your home, these plants also purify the air you breathe. Indoor plants are also known to be mood boosters.

Sustainable Furniture Remember those beautiful cane chairs in your ancestral home or the lovely dolls your grandma made from old cloth? More than nostalgia, this is the very essence of living a sustainable lifestyle. Recycling salvaged wood, textiles and wooden pallets into furniture is a very big industry and the demand for it is growing rapidly. As people become more environment conscious, they buy recycled furniture as well as furniture made from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, seagrass and more.

Vastu-based Design Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture supports balance, symmetry and harmony in the arrangement of one’s home or apartment. This also brings balance and energy along with happiness into one’s life. Vastu provides various recommendations for home designs which bring in the most favourable energies. These include the placement of doors, windows, prayer rooms, colours of paint and even tiles. Ensuring a Vastu compliant design of your home bodes well for the health and relationships of the inhabitants of the home.

Decluttering and Minimalism Marie Kondo’s KonMarie way of decluttering rightly has numerous fans across the world. Less clutter, minimum furniture and articles, and tidiness reduces anxiety, boosts creativity and productivity, and improves sleep. Minimalism is more than just a trend. Owning fewer things means you spend less money as well as time in their upkeep. Similarly, decluttering helps you get rid of unwanted things that no longer add value to your life. Together, these two complementary practices lead to a less stressful lifestyle and enhance your overall wellness.

To Conclude… You can make your home a sanctuary of wellness for yourself and your family. Inexpensive and requiring little expertise, transforming your home into a safe, tidy, beautiful and environment friendly refuge is easy. Follow these tips and enjoy a more stress-free and healthy home.


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