No season in India is anticipated with as much excitement as the rainy season. The onset of the monsoon rains in India is greeted with a mixture of emotions – relief, happiness, nostalgia, and even anxiety. This anxiety is usually related to maintaining health and safety during this season and also the well being of our homes and families. Every season brings with it some level of health and safety concerns. The rains, particularly, also affect our homes and the furniture and furnishings within due to the excessive moisture in the air. However, if managed properly this need not put a dampener on you enjoying this beautiful season.

Here are a few ways to moisture-proof your home:

Bamboo Wood
Seal all cracks and crevices in your home. Whether you live in a standalone home or an apartment, the walls can develop cracks over time, especially due to the intense heat of the summer which precedes the rains. Filling these up and covering them with a coat of water- sealant and weather-proof paint will do wonders for keeping moisture out of your walls and home.

Ensure good drainage.
Clean and fix drain pipes in and around your home which will ensure unrestricted drainage of water from windows, balconies and roofs. Also make sure broken or cracked window panes and shades are fixed so that water doesn’t get in from there.

Repaint wooden and metal fixtures.
Doors, windows and other wooden and metal fixtures in and around the home should be fixed if necessary and given a fresh coat of paint before the rains begin. This protects them from swelling or rusting due to the excess moisture in the air.

Check all electrical wires and connections.
Exposure of open wires and switches to moisture is dangerous as they cause electric shocks and short-circuits. Get your electrician to close unnecessary points and fix dangly wires. Ensure you repair any damaged cords, wires or switches.

Arrange for a pest control service.
Wooden furniture and finishes tend to get musty, moldy and infected by termites or fungus. Pest control can protect them from this damage. Additionally, you can also put camphor balls and neem leaves in cupboards and shelves to protect your valuables from dampness.

Ventilate your home.
Excess humidity in the air not only affects your furniture but also your health making you prone to chills and other monsoon-related illnesses. A dehumidifier or ventilator can reduce the moisture and keep your home humidity-free, thus, promoting a healthy environment, all around.

Use light and airy fabrics for furnishings.
Put away all heavy curtains and covers. During the monsoon it is best to use light and translucent materials like cotton and lace which absorb less moisture, dry quickly and let in more light. So use curtains, and sofa and cushion covers made of lighter materials and fabrics. They also serve to lighten the room during darker phases of the season when sunlight is minimal.

Place rugs and doormats.
Use easy-drying door mats and rugs where people can dry their feet and footwear before entering the home. This keeps away excess moisture and germs from your home.


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